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Zero balance bank accounts: List of 8 banks not charging minimum balance charges

Maintaining a bank account is quite pesky to sometimes with a barrage of dos and don'ts. One of the most difficult tasks is to maintain a minimum balance in the bank. For instance, nowadays, banks are at least keeping a limit of Rs 10,000 per account to maintain. Mostly, people who invest and are not earning enough to maintain the minimum balance limit set by the bank suffer the consequences, i.e. they have to pay a penalty for not maintaining the minimum balance. Nevertheless, if you are also facing a similar issue, then here is a solution. Either change your bank or transfer to a different account type in the bank you are currently a member of.

List of zero balance bank accounts

1. ICICI Basic Savings Account

2. HDFC BSBDA Small Savings Account

3. SBI Basic Savings Bank Account

4. Axis Bank Small Basic Savings Account

5. Indus Small Savings Account

6. Standard Chartered Bank's Basic Banking Account

7. RBL Bank's Abacus Digital Savings Account

8. IDFC Bank Pratham-savings account (BSBDA)

Other benefits of zero balance accounts
No ATM/debit card charges
Free net banking
Like a salary account
Zero balance
Free passbook and cheque book

Note: It is important to note that every bank account has its limitation of transactions. It would vary from bank-to-bank, for instance, HDFC bank has a minimum 3 transactions under zero balance account.

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