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Vhali Dikri yojna ni Tamam mahiti ni pdf

Vhali Dikri yojna ni Tamam mahiti ni pdf
Vhali Dikri yojna pdf
Vhali dikri yojna pdf file
Vhali dikri yojna pdf
Vhali dikri yojna All detail pdf


Gujarat government has launched a new project called Wahali Daughter in the budget. At the time, Women and Child Development Welfare Minister Vivariben Dave called the beloved Dikri Yojana special. He said that the government was now going to become a daughter-in-law. The government has come to the rescue of the daughters by bringing a beloved daughter project. Vivarivan Dave also expressed optimism that the incidence of female feticide would be stopped by the new scheme.

Gujarat Government Wahli Daughter Scheme for Girls / Children of the State (Dear daughter)
Plan). Under the grievous daughter scheme, the state government.
Rs.1 lakh for the first and second daughters of the family to promote education. When
When the girl reaches the age of 18, one lakh subsidy will be paid.
People can fill up the registration / application form of this scheme to get help.

The state government on Tuesday paid Rs. 133 crores, under which a family member at the age of 18 for marriage or higher education of girls.

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