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Dangerous Virus Comes To Android, Delete This App Instantly Else Bank Account!

Dangerous Virus Comes To Android, Delete This App: People who download and use any kind of haunting apps on the phone should be cautious. Because your bank account can be compromised at any time. A virus called 'Joker' has recently been discovered to steal money from users' bank accounts through Android apps. This virus is released as a premium subscription and can hack the user's account in the name of payment.

About 24 apps have been discovered that are infected with malware called Joker. The 'Joker' virus has been claimed by Android apps to steal money from users' accounts. The premium subscription signup process does the malware silently.
The malware was discovered by researchers at the cyber security firm CSIS. According to Kuprins Coupins, this malware has been downloaded 4,72,000 times.

Although Google has removed the affected apps from the Play Store, there is still a threat for users whose phones currently have these apps installed. This is a complete list of 24 applications, if your phone has any of these, it's best to delete it immediately. Because Google has worked its way, but if your phone still has this app, be aware.

Display Camera 1.02
Rapid Face Scanner 10.02
Leaf Face Scanner 1.0.3
Board Picture Editing 1.1.2 1.1.2
Beach Camera 4..1
Mini Camera 1.0.2 APK
Cute Camera 1.04 Apk
Dazzle Wallpaper 1.01
Spark Wallpaper 1.1.11
Hummer Camera 1.1.5
Scan the print plant
Advocate Wallpaper 1.1.9 1.1.9
Raddy SMS Mod
Ignite Clean 7.3
Antivirus Security-Security Scan, Application Lock
Colette Face Scanner App
Climate SMS 3.5
Great VPN 2.0
Serton Wallpaper 1.02 APK
Reward Clean 1.1.6 APK
Age Face 1.1.2 (Age Face 1.1.2)
Alt Message 1.5 1.5APK
Sobie Camera 1.0.1

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