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How to charge your phone fast

How to charge your phone fast

There is a time in our lives of all people that there is a time when our battery is very low and we want to charge it very fast. Most of the time we are in a hurry to put the phone in charge but sometimes we have to take it back.
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If your smartphone is up-to-date and if you don’t use a lot of apps inside it, your smartphone’s battery will run smoothly one day, but if you’re using a lot of other features like voice command voice navigation video swimming app then your battery is very Will use quickly.
So during these types of times you should use a Rapid Charger, which provides two times faster charging than a normal battery
Battery Basic
Electricity inside the battery keeps the phone from getting power. And in theory, the longer the battery and the larger the battery, the more power it will show inside it, and because of this it will give longer power inside your phone but the larger screen uses more power.
The battery capacity is measured within milli ampers this year, so we can determine how much power it can hold. And because of the amps we can know how much charge or how much charger it can deliver and by voltage we can know how fast it can deliver that power. And all power of the day and how fast it delivers charging is given within WhatsApp.
Iphone standard charger and old Android phone charger come with one MP and five feet power. And with today’s new technology, two MPS and twelve watts of power inside a charger, which allows it to charge your phone four times faster.
How Quick Charge works
There are many Android smartphone services that offer LPG and HTC youtube plus charger 3.0 technology that can do 80 percent charging within 5 minutes. And within this year, a Charge for Plus will be launched, which will give you five hours of battery life on your smartphone within five minutes. According to Samsung’s newest, their fast charging wall picture with five-point Zero technology can provide five hours of battery life inside your smartphone within 10 minutes.
Inside the Recharge 3.0 technology, your smartphone charges very quickly when the battery is too low and when it reaches around 50 percent, it slows down its speed. Doing so increases the life of your battery.

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