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Are you annoyed with Slow Internet? So here is the cure

Are you annoyed with Slow Internet? So here is the cure

Google launched the Google Go app for level smart phones in 2017. This is a lightweight app, and it also works on bad internet connectivity. This search app offers many inbuilt fitters. Which is very beneficial for you. Until now, Google Go was only available on smartphones running the Android GO platform, but now it can be downloaded to other Android smart phones as well. It can also be downloaded from the Google Play Store.
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Google CEO Sundar Pichai said in a tweet, “Google Go is being released to all people.” This is a lightweight app. It will also be available globally on the Google Play Store.
Goofle Io19 has given a demotion about it as well as explained how it works.
Google Go also has an inbuilt LEanse feature, which allows you to directly scan and scan text. Translation by this app is possible by pointing the camera to any word. If you want, you can use the Read out Loud feature. Because of that, Google will be able to read it to you. Another great feature of Google Go is that it takes up less memory of your smartphone. This app is only 7MB. And this app can also be fast browsing. The web version in the Google Go app will be found at your fingertips

The benefit of Google Go will also be that you have to download at least the app on your smartphone. In the event that connectivity goes away, Google Go will also remember your place and search queries. To download it you can download it by going to Android or the google play store and doing a Google Go search. Google Go will only be able to use Android users whose smartphone has Android Lollipop or above. Importantly, there are many apps in this series other than the Google Go, built for Android Go. It also includes apps like Maps Go, Assistant Go, Files Go.

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