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The most searched Indian on Google

The most searched Indian on Google

Friends, there are many people in our country who we like very much. They are desperate to get a glimpse of them. There are many people who play a big role in our lives. Today in the times of social media people are easily linked to each other and easily share their point of view with each other. Helps each other’s thoughts reach the logo. Friends, we use internet every day and share many information through Google. We search our favorite stuff on Google. Friends, there are many people in the country whose people keep an eye on every move, they are special for us, we search all of their information on Google. Today we will talk about some of the people who live in Google’s world Unrequited is the people who do a lot of searching on Google
Salman Khan
The most famous name in this list is that everybody of Bollywood’s Dabang Khan, Salman Khan’s Salman Khan is crazy. Each of his films is of super-interest, it can be judged by how much his popularity is in the country, his name is listed on the list of those who are on Google.
Narendra Modi –
The Prime Minister of our country, Mr. Narendra Modi, who has completely hampered his opponents, is the emperor of the social media, how to use social media, but he is a good connoisseur of the masses. Although their popularity has decreased over 2014, it is second in terms of searching on Google
Virat Kohli –
Captain of our Indian cricket team and classical batsman Virat Kohli’s every cricket fan is crazy. His rule in the world of cricket is the most preferred player of the Virat logo, who is trying to impress opponents with his bat, in terms of search on Google, his name comes in third place

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