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Speed ​​up your JIO’s internet speed, just change one setting, bullet will be faster

Speed ​​up your JIO’s internet speed, just change one setting, bullet will be faster

In September last year, Reliance Jio officially stepped into the Indian telecom market.
After the arrival of Geo, hardly Internet users have recharged the internet in their phones. Geo started the internet as well as all the other facilities for free. The most important thing in all of this was that Geo was not only providing Internet services but also with fast speed.
Double the relay live internet speed:
Recently, the services of Reliance Geo have fallen. Now users will be charged for getting any services of Geo. However, tariff plans offered by Geo are far less than the others. These plans are also lower in the price and the data facility is also given more.
However, now many users complain that Reliance Jio’s internet speed has diminished. At the same time, network problems have to be computed too many times. At the same time, the results of the Ucal Speed ​​Test have also been claimed to be lower than the Reliance Geo 4G speed. In such a situation, if you are upset about the speed of Geo then tell that you can increase Internet speed in many ways, come know very easy trick from them.
Through apn settings:
By changing the access point name we can increase the 4G speed of Geo. But before doing this, keep in mind that you can back up the APN well on your smartphone.
# 1: First you have to go to Android ‘Settings’ in the phone, then go to ‘Cellular Networks’ or ‘SIM Cards and Mobile Networks’.
# 2: Now you have to go to the access point name, tap Live 4G here. You have to edit entries here.
# 3: Edit the details below.
Authentic Type: None
APN type: Default
Bearer: LTE
# 4: Now save all this information and re-select the profile. Keep in mind that all these changes are done after you back up the APN.
# 5 :Now after making all the changes, restart yourself and take advantage of the fast speed of Geo

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