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Looking For Aummer Trip? Go To This Place Of Gujarat

Looking For Aummer Trip? Go To This Place Of Gujarat

The children make a plan to return to school only after vacation in school. Some people prefer going to North India with summer heat, while some people do not have adequate budget, they take their child to various places in Gujarat. But today we are going to tell you a place in Gujarat where you will not need to go to Kashmir or Shimla, to Manali. You can visit the place of Gujarat in the heat.

If you are thinking of traveling, you can definitely visit Junagadh city of Gujarat. Every year millions of tourists arrive. There are good places to be there again. Today we are going to tell you what is going on in Junagadh.

There are Buddhist caves of about 4th century on the Dharagadh road of Junagadh. Which is known as Khapra Kodi's cave. The cave from the bus stand is 1.7 km away.

The highest mountain in the state is Girnar. Most of the temples are small and large. Last year, more than 10 lakh tourists visited. In Girnar, many places like Jain Derasar, Dutt Shikhar, Gauhmuchi Ganga, Sheshavan, Kashmiri Bapu, are in place.

Ashok inscription on the road to Girnar Jawan is situated. Which has been in closed condition for the last two years. In this inscription, there is a connotation of 14 religions. The bus is just 4 km from the stand.

Evidence has been found that the fort of Junagadh was built on the fort of Junagadh. In which Buddhist caves, sapphire mannequin tops, cereal barns are spectacular.

The door has been locked for no entry in the fairytale of the tomb in Junagadh. Because of the ruins, there were many types of anti-social activities happening.

Shakkarbagh was built during the Nawab of Junagadh State. Sakkarbaug is spread over about 198 hectares. Asiatic lions are found here in the center of bird and domestic attraction. Last year millions of tourists visited this place.
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