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Launch Of The World's First Hand-Made Smartphone, Know The Price

Launch Of The World's First Hand-Made Smartphone, Know The Price

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In this growing field of technology, one-to-one climbing device is being launched in the coming days, in which Chinese company Newbia has launched its mobile smartphone Nubia Alpha in 2019, running the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The most important thing about this phone is that if you want it, you can fold it and fold it in your hand. Such a phone is the world's first smartphone with a flexible screen, with which you can fold it. Let's say that recently a Chinese portal said that Nubia Sub Brand ZTE is preparing to launch a flexible smartphone in the mobile world conglomerate. On which the company has launched a pause mark in the MWC.

Its display is 4 inches, in which the OLED screen is connected to a very thin watch strap. Let's say that this smartphone has a built-in display that has the display in the smartphone. This company works to create a flexible screen across the globe.

Speaking of its specification, Snapdragon Weir 2100 chipset is in it. It also has 1GB RAM and 8GB internal storage. The phone has a 500mAh battery to provide power. However, even if the low mAh battery is stunned. But the company claims that once the phone's battery is fully charged, one-two days will be backed up.

The phone includes features like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi. This phone comes with 4G support. Talking about the camera, it has a 5 megapixel camera, which is also used for selfies. Let us know that the company has launched it in 2 variants. The price of Bluetooth model is 4498 euros, which is Rs 36000
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