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There are fewer networks in mobile, if you are worried then follow this method

There are fewer networks in mobile, if you are worried then follow this method

At present, the use of mobile phones is increasing but it is facing many problems in the same time. In which sim network main problem remains, due to which call drops, extremely slow Internet or otherwise not running the internet, extremely poor voice calls and many other problems appear
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Due to poor signal, many times we have to face many difficulties. If we have to call them on a sudden call or on the internet and do not do anything due to bad signals. This leads to a lot of frustration, which is harmful to our health.
But in some asana ways you can save yourself from being victim of this frustration. Would like to tell that the signals are continuously sent to your phone by cell towers, but due to interrupted interruptions in the middle, they are unable to reach the phone completely, which causes problems in the phone during calls and internet.
If you want to correctly point out the incoming signal from cell towers to your phone correctly, do not use thick and solid metal cover so that the signal is accessible to the phone but it becomes very weak. Apart from this, if you ever face a signal related problem, always turn airplane mode on and off, it makes a quick connection between the signal and the phone so that there is good signal and there is a lot of change in the speed of the internet. .
At present, live customers are facing Slow Internet Speed. So they can try out the given methods. Apart from this, the Geo customers can increase Internet Speed ​​by calling any Geo Toll Free or any number of friends. This is considered a very effective way.

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