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The easy way to reduce meter reading, electricity bill will come half

The easy way to reduce meter reading, electricity bill will come half

The Electricity Regulatory Commission has clear instructions that only 30 days of electricity bill will be given to consumers. Even after this the employees of the contractor’s contract company are doing arbitrariness.
With this, electricity consumers have to pay more bills. Even after complaints, officials of Eastern Region Power Distribution Company are not paying attention to this. At the same time, if consumers want their bills to come down, then call the reader on time or complain about going to the office.
news fact
Consumer Disturbing: The Contracting Company’s employees are arbitrary
Reading delayed, a strong blow to the excessive electricity bill
This is the rule
According to the rule, when the consumer’s meter readings are delayed, the bill should be modified and billed for thirty days. The remaining consumption should be added to the next bill. But, this is not happening.
Household Consumers Consumers
Consumers in the city: 3.12 lakh
Consumers in the country: 1.65 lakhs
Current tariff plan
Unit amount per unit rupee fix charge
0 to 30 units 3.10 00
0 to 50 units 3.85-50 rupees city 35 rupees rural
51 to 100 units 4.70-90 rupees city 65 rupees rural
101 to 300 units 6.00-20 rupees city 17 rupees rural
Case-1 increased slab
Location: Underground Consumers: Aditya Shrivastav
Description: With a meter readings three days after one month, the power consumption has gone from the slab of 100 units to 101 slab. With this they had to pay more electricity bills.
38th day readings
Location: Gaur
Consumer: Dinesh Kachi
Details: The reading that took place in the interval of 30 days was on 38th day. This changed the consumer slab. With this they had to pay even more bills.
power consumption
In normal homes: 70 to 90 units per month
In homes with fan, fridge, TV, mixer etc.: 150 to 200 units per month
Homes with an AC, fridge and heaters: more than 210 units per month.

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