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If you also watch YouTube, then know this thing

If you also watch YouTube, then know this thing

YouTube is a platform on social media that is fast moving forward. Especially YouTube Community has received a good response from youtube india
After 2016, Xiao Telecom got the entry after which the number of YouTube users was more than double. Now people like to search YouTube instead of searching Google. In such a few new features have been updated on YouTube, after knowing you will definitely do the tray.
Tell us YouTube has added your new features Incognito mode. Like in the UC Browser browser, when you search for anything by turning it on, Google does not go into search records. Nor does its history and cookies become. In this way nobody knows you enjoy the internet.
Just like YouTube has added the incognito mode. You can do private browsing by turning on. To get this feature, you need to update YouTube in the Play Store.
Only one update will add new features to your YouTube. By which you will enjoy countless fun and no one will feel like Hopefully the information will be good. Follow us to stay connected.

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