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New system came to detect fake account on Facebook and Twitter

New system came to detect fake account on Facebook and Twitter

Scientists have created a new algorithm. This will allow social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to track fake accounts. This process is based on the assumption that Fake accounts make some wrong links to other users in the network. Such is said in the study of social network analysis.
According to Israeli researcher Dima, ” Social media was used to influence the election in relation to recent privacy practices related to users. In such a situation, it is most important to find out the Fake Users. We have tested the algorithm and set real-world data on 10 different social networks. The algorithm has performed right on it. “
According to the researchers – this algorithm can be easily identified with real-life friendship and fax users. It will work equally for Twitter too.
What is the complete case of Facebook data theft? This question must have arisen in your mind how the data was stolen at such a large level? According to media reports the data was collected by an analyst. According to Facebook – a survey was given by this analyst, which is full of 270000 users. This survey was not only done by those users but also their friends. These users did not have any information related to this survey. After the survey, all this information was given to Cambridge Analytica, which is against Facebook’s rules. Now the question is, what was the end of this data?
The need for data regulation on social media: 2.1 billion users of Facebook are currently active. Of these, 1.4 billion users use the site daily. Being a social networking site, people regularly share their thoughts, photos and life events on it. This allows Facebook to share high resolution pictures and information of any company or person. If this information is leaked it can be used incorrectly at several large levels. In such a big question arises whether the law will be enacted regarding privacy protection and data regulation in the future? Because such laws require a strict requirement to ensure the security of the users’ personal information after the case of this big data theft.

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