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CONDITIONS FOR EBC RESERVATION BENEFITS | From today onwards the EBC applies, knowing there are some rules to take advantage of the reserve

From today onwards the EBC applies, knowing there are some rules to take advantage of thereserve.

Gandhinagar: From January 14, Gujarat has declared 10% reservation for economically backward class. However, the categories of people who are in this category of benefits can be found. It is also very important to take note of it.
These will get special benefits in government jobs and educational institutions. Those earning less than Rs. 8 lakhs will benefit from this EBC. Malik, who possesses less than 5 acres of land, will benefit from this.
It is important that the government recruitment examinations given before January 14, 2019 will not be given to these benefits. However, this benefit will be given to economically backward sections in the examinations taking after 14 days.
Reserve rules
1. People whose annual income is less than 8 lakh, they will get the benefit of the reservation.

2. The families who have less than 5 acres of farmland will get the benefit of the reservation.

3. Benefits will be available to those families, who have a residential space of 1,000 sq. Will be less than fifteen.
4. Those households who have a small residential plot of 100 times in the proposed municipality area, they will be able to get the benefit of this reservation.
5. Those beneficiaries who have a 200-acre residential plot in the non-proposed municipal area, will get the benefit.
Which field will be available
6. The reservation will be available to the Savarkars for enrollment in government jobs and access to higher education.
7. Youth will be eligible for this benefit where the recruitment process has not started.
8. If the written, verbal examination or computer skill exams have been done in the recruitment process started before January 14, then this reserve can not be availed.

9. Any announcement in relation to any recruitment process or announcement date is to be made now in the process.
How to take advantage
10. Income Certificate: There will be an income certificate. If there is no certificate, it can be made from taluka and public service center. For this, a charge of 50 rupees is charged.

11. Gender certification: Gender certification must be given in the general category. Can be made from the taluka or public service center.

12. Income Tax Return: It is possible that if you want to take advantage of the common class reserves then keep the documents of income tax returns ready.

13. Bank Account and Statement: You may also have to give a 3 month statement. You can save it if you are online banking or keep a passbook with yourself. Entry and what government jobs will benefit.
Written before January 14, a computer examination will not get any benefit. Benefits of GSPC 80 Examination, including law-keepers, will be benefited by re-publishing 75 advertisements. Decision whether to increase the 10% seats in higher educational institutions will be decided.

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