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These new features of Whatsapp will change, the experience of chatting

This year, Whatsapp has rolled out on many new features Android and iPhone. These features have been tried to make WhatsApp more user-friendly. Some of these features have been tested, while some features are being tested. Let’s tell you there are 1.5 million active users of Whitsap worldwide. Let’s know about these new features of WhitSpe.Through this feature, three people will be able to join the video call simultaneously. This feature of Whatsapp was introduced for select users in the F8 Developers Conference. Through this feature, a total of four people will be able to do video conference simultaneously. This feature of Whatsapp is currently available on Android Beta version 2.18.145 and above and in iOS 2.18.52 versions.

Group audio calls and select all option

Very few users know that WhootSpeg has started offering group audio calls in addition to group video. This feature has been viewed on the IOS operating system. Apart from this, WhootSpe has rolled out the Select All feature too. Through this feature, all messages will be selected together and the mark will be read. Apart from this, you can also delete all messages simultaneously through this feature.

Admin First User Feature

WhoseSpe has rolled out a new feature restructured group feature. Through this feature, the group’s admin can only change the information of the group. Apart from this, the Group Administrator can only send messages to the group. Apart from this, Whatsapp has rolled out another feature demot edge admin feature. Through this feature, a group’s admin will be able to recycle the feature of the other administrators of the same group.

Media Viability and New Contact Feature

By using these new features, users will be able to revive the media sent to any other user. The user who has sent the media (photo, document file, audio etc.) to any other user, then he can restart the user from saving the media in the phone. Apart from this, users will be able to save the contacts received on the app without going out of the app through the new contact feature.

Group Description Feature

Through this feature, users will be able to add descriptions to group chats. Apart from this, through group catch feature, users will be able to find chats sent to the group in which they are mentored or the chat they have answered. Apart from this, the group will not be able to add it again to the group which is being shifted repeatedly.

These app video playbacks (for Facebook and Instagram)

Through WhatsApp available on IOS, users will be able to view Facebook and Instagram without leaving the video app. Apart from this, an update for the picture-in-picture mode has also been rolled out. Whitsap will be minimized while viewing the video through this feature.

Click to chat

Whatsapp added a click to chat feature, allowing users to send messages without any number to any number. Through this feature, users will not need to add any number to their contact list. To send a message to any number first, that number had to be saved in the contact list.

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