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Process to changes photo in the Aadhar Card, only Rs 15 will be spent.

Process to changes photo in the Aadhar Card, only Rs 15 will be spent.

At present, the central government has ordered the Aadhar card to be attached to every required document, it has been compulsory to add a support number with a document ranging from a pen card to a mobile number. Besides the name, address, you can also change your photo on the base card. You have to spend only 15 rupees for this.
Below are the steps to change the photo to Aadhar Card:
  1. To process this you need to go to the Aadhar Card Center. If you have not reached your Aadhar card then take the Aadhar Card number when you go to Aadhar Card Center.
  2. You will have to fill out the form again once the Aadhar Card Center is over. In which you will also have to type Aadhar Card number.
  3. After filling the form, your fingers and the whole scans will be photographed again. If this photo is not exactly fixed, you can take it once again.
  4. After this process, all your databases will be sent to the base Aadhar Card of the Bangalore Center. After that, your data will be processed and your Aadhar Card will be returned to your home in two weeks with new photos.
  5. Aadhar card Marta only happens once. So for the photo change, you have to pay 15 rupees. To cut biometric data, also have to spend rupees.

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