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History of Rs.1 chocolate-PULSE.

History of Rs.1 chocolate-PULSE.

With a rupee pulse piper, the company has done business of 300 crores … unbelievable.
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One of the DS group’s companies, who made a puppy, first got raw mangoes flavored with pepper but it did not become so popular. When the pulse company decided to make a pepper from raw mango, people would remember it. In the hot summer heat, when the throat g
oes something liquid that gives relief to the throat, the taste of the tongue, the mind and the peace
This paper was also made from raw mangoes, but its formula was designed in such a way that there was a lot of spices in the middle of the piper so that the smell of taste could be realized.
There was a flavor of raw mangoes on the outer surface. When there was a different kind of spice concentrated in the center.

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