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9 lakh farmers had to give 10 thousand rupees Diwali bonuses. The decision was taken by the Rupani government

9 lakh farmers had to give 10 thousand rupees Diwali bonuses. The decision was taken by the Rupani government

The biggest oilseed crops in the oilseeds and the farmers of Saurashtra, in the groundnut crop, the oilseed kings are Dihyala and Haiyaholi at the farmers' house. A farmer who wants to take kerosene will be in the line 3 times a month. Despite the peak-time of Rabi season sowing, the farmers have not been able to vacate the farms instead of groundnut sales. Every year, the government, which starts buying peanuts from the fifth year, forgets that the 20-day Diwali is delayed this year. From October 25 last year farmers started buying peanuts at support prices. Currently the biggest clamor is to purchase peanuts.

According to the rules of price of agriculture support, the government had to buy 6.5 lakh tonnes of peanuts. Currently subsidy of 200 rupees will be given to the government farmers on the basis of support price. We will buy peanuts worth Rs 650 crore by purchasing 6.5 lakh tonnes of 200 rupees to 10,000 rupees. Against the purchase of groundnut, it is likely to cost Rs 250 as maintenance, interest, preservation, pedestrian, collision, expedition, transportation, godown rent and salary. The government will spend Rs 850 crore after purchasing 6.5 lakh tonnes. The government is likely to cost more than 1400 crores for the purchase of groundnut support price. In Gujarat, groundnut has been cultivated in 14.68 lakh hectares this year. Even if the government had decided to give money to the farmers without falling into any problem of groundnut, it would have been possible to deposit a bonus of 10 thousand rupees in each farmer's account in Diwali. There was also speculation about this, but the government did not take it for granted. The farmer is getting 200 rupees per mound. In the 10 thousand bonuses, if every farmer had received lesser price than 50 grams, then the farmer had the opportunity to compensate and that it would have benefited from 8 to 9 lakh farmers who had sown peanuts. The Rupani government had some opportunities but the government decided to buy it at the support price.

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