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Your SBI Net Banking Facility may be blocked till December 1; Learn how you can avoid this

New Delhi: Internet Banking facilities may be blocked for State Bank of India (SBI) account holders if they do not link the mobile number registered with the bank till the deadline of December 1, 2018. If customers fail to comply with the guidelines, net banking services will be blocked, ET reported.

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Individuals should keep in mind that the bank has already scared about the instructions on the net banking website. Mobile number, if not registered, is to be done through physical branch. Failure to do so will result in service disruption after 1 December.

In a message on their website, SBI said, "NOTE INB user, please register our mobile number immediately with us, if not already done through the branch, then failed that internet banking facility 01.12. May be effective from 2018. "

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In this scenario, you should ideally check that your registered mobile number is linked to your account. If it has not been done so far, then you should go quickly to the nearest SBI branch and get it immediately.

A circular issued by RBI on July 6, 2017 clearly stated that banks have asked their customers to register for SMS and email alerts. If customers fail to register their mobile number, net banking and mobile banking services will be affected.

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To check if your mobile number is registered with SBI, you will have to log in to your NetBanking facility. Once logged in, you've found the 'My Account and Profiles' tab on the homepage. Click on profile options and go to 'Personal Details / Mobile'

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You will then be asked to enter your profile password, which is not the same as your login password. Once successfully logged in, you will be able to see partially your registered mobile number and email ID details in this 5301 XXXX XXXX XX91 format. If you do not see any mobile number, you will have to pay the nearest branch visit to do this.
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