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Who Is Using Your Facebook Data, Find Out

Who Is Using Your Facebook Data, Find Out

  • Cambridge Analyca leaked Facebook’s data of 50 million users, Facebook users lost their sleep. According to information, Cambridge Analyca worked to leak Facebook users data to help American President Donald Trump. It has also been said that Congress President Rahul Gandhi also wanted to plot a conspiracy to defeat BJP in Gujarat by taking the services of this firm. After this incident, a lot of Facebook users deleted their Facebook accounts for fear that their personal data might not be in the wrong hands. You may be surprised to know that there is a lot of efforts to steal your data on Facebook, in which the Ajbo poor quiz, clicking on a variety of apps and clicking on other websites is prominently involved. If you want to know who has your Facebook data and where it is being used then you can also do this work. Know what’s the way to do this …
  • In minutes, know who has your Facebook data ..Open your Facebook account. After that on the right side you will see an arrow showing it. You will now see a new page. Now you can click on Settings. At the bottom of this page you will get a copy of your facebook data. Click on it.
  • · After doing so, you will have a link on your email from Facebook. A zip file can be downloaded through this link. Apart from this, Facebook will also give you the option of download archive. It will contain all the information about you, such as when you started using Facebook and when you used it last time.
  • · Downloaded GIF file will be able to tell you which aids in your profile have provided your information. Your data will be given to the ad companies on behalf of Facebook.
  • After this you will see ‘Advertisers with your contact info’. In this, your timeline will be seen on the side of your likes or interests. Here the ad file will be seen in the next file. In this you will see all the eds you clicked during your Facebook run. So these are the ways to know who has your Facebook data.
  • Check Facebook Account

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