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Teacher's Recruitment In Teacher's Recruitment Is Not Taken In Two Years: Government Response To No Recruitment

The years, the estate has not taken the exam for recruitment of teachers. So no teacher has been appointed for two years.About a mid-day meals in the Arvind-Rana school, the government said that Rs 4.58 per child is spent per day in the mid-day mealsWhile the state government is going to spend 6.42 per day for a 6 to 8 standard child. When asked about Ashwani Kotwal's law department, the government said that the law department has an all-time establishment 239. Out of which 113 are vacant. On contract basis, 6 and fix 63 seats have been filled. On the charges leveled by the Center, the opposition alleged that the questions penned by the UPA government during the UPA government was pending despite the four years of the Modi government. And the Government of Gujarat has not made any representation in the center, but the opposition has blamed the opposition.
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