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PSI and Constable Exam Paper With Answer 40 must download

Police Constable (abbreviated PC) is the lowest police rank in India followed by Head Constable. General law and order being a state subject in India, each state government recruits police constables. A Police Constable has no shoulder insignia while a Head Constable has one strip or one Chevron depending upon the state. All senior officers are Indian Police Service officers appointed through Civil Services Exam.

 Since each state has its own police force, the uniforms and insignia of the police varies, though the rank structure is same. The central paramilitary forces under the Ministry of Internal Affairs also maintains the same ranks as state police even though their jurisdiction varies considerably.All the POLICE constable wear (khaki)coloured uniform which indicate that he/she is a police officer. Police Constables in India have been seen in possession of guns but their ability to use them is known to be subjected to authorization passed by the chain of command in the police force.

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